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[ Good enough. ]

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[ Good enough. ]

> Happy Halloween!

[ A holiday full of frights and nasty treats yep. Oh, and look, Pao-Lin’s here ‘dressed’ as Dragon Kid!

She was uneasy about flaunting herself in her Hero outfit, but, her laziness got the better of her. And, the samurai idea wasn’t quite what she wanted. But, never mind, this would have to do.

So, what should she do first?? Not that anyone was around yet, and not that she was invited to any parties of any sort…

Parties of any sort…


Of any sort… 


[ Somehow, this piece of useless information triggered a memory in the blonde’s brain; it’s Barnaby’s birthday today!! And, she hadn’t got her fellow Hero a gift, or even a card! 

… A card should suffice for now. ]



[ S-Samurai? ]

[ Sounds kinda heavy… The costume, we mean. Besides, Ivan would probably wear that. ]

“It probably wouldn’t suit me, haha…”

“Shuu shuu shuu”

[ u kool bean. ] “Looks great!”

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[ S-Samurai? ]

[ Sounds kinda heavy… The costume, we mean. Besides, Ivan would probably wear that. ]

“It probably wouldn’t suit me, haha…”

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[ Halloween was starting earlier this year! Seemed like the school got tired of waiting. Not that that was a bad thing, because even Pao-Lin had to admit the whole day was quite exciting.

But, didn’t that mean costumes? Everyone dresses up for Halloween, it’s just tradition. Except, the NEXT didn’t know what to dress up as. This was her first time properly experiencing the event, and this question already had her stumped. ]

[ Hm, what to do, what to do…

Ah! She could always dress up as her Hero alter ego, Dragon Kid! But, that didn’t seem really fun…
But, then, she supposed everyone would be impressed at how much she ‘looked like her’, if she wore her costume. Conflicting ideas!!

"I wonder what everyone else is dressing up as…" [ Maybe their ideas could help influence her own. ]

[ We’re a bored bunny. ]

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> was about to give answers

> “I said primordial, that means before the olympians and before the titans.”


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Does Speaking in Third Person Count as Monologuing?(Open/Intro)


By some odd turn of events, Setsuna had found herself in Komoriya. Not Mahora.

No, this wasn’t anything like Mahora. It was a high school, for one, and it also had some sort of pulling sensation. Even though the school she had previously attended had plenty of ties to keep her there: Konoka, Asuna, Negi. Her other friends as well.

Which is funny in a sense, because not even a year or so ago, Setsuna probably wouldn’t even really have ‘friends’ if it weren’t for the three just mentioned. It had ended up as a rather emotional parting as well, seeing as going to a completely different school, she may end up never seeing them again. Unless they all decided to ship themselves on over to a different school entirely, which, considering how most of them were, wouldn’t come across as surprising. Especially with how busy Negi’s been as of late.

Konoka…her partner was probably all too displeased with this transfer. Especially with how Setsuna had pulled it off, and it wasn’t at all something the soldier had been proud of. Not one bit. They still had a pactio, luckily enough, unfortunately Komoriya and Mahora aren’t all that close together, though, so using the card to communicate with her wasn’t going to work well at all. If anything they’d end up writing or texting back and forth.

There was also the matter of keeping her skills up to par. Sure, this place was likely less dangerous than Mahora, especially now that Tsukuyomi had been dealt with. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to go completely soft in that sense. After all, what if Konoka or Asuna decided to transfer here? Sure, Asuna could handle herself but she was her friend, and it was Setsuna’s duty, obligation, even, to protect her along with Konoka.

All of these conflicting emotions, though, it was getting tiring. She was in dorm 12, and had found it with ease. In fact the layout of the campus so far didn’t feel quite so dissimilar to Mahora’s. The only thing now was to find her class so she could get right on to studying and keeping good grades. Without looking after Konoka, though…she wasn’t looking forward to what this may mean. 

She didn’t want to feel worthless. But it was too late now, she’s already here and it’d be pretty odd to go running back right after. With a small sigh Setsuna looked back at the slip of paper she’d been handed, and walked towards where she assumed would be more or less the general direction of her classroom. Even highly-trained swordswomen sometimes don’t know where exactly they’re going. She’d checked the map near the front of the school, so that was about all she had to go on at this point.

Hopefully she wouldn’t look too lost.

[ The school was certainly growing at a quick rate, much quicker than Pao-Lin ever thought one would enlarge by. Each day, there were new students and members of the faculty, unique people from each of their own different places.

Maybe it was just her being ignorant, but the NEXT couldn’t see what was so special about the school. Sure, the building was pretty nice and fancy, but, aside from that, it was almost like a normal highschool.]

[ Or, maybe it was her Hero lifestyle making everything seem less extravagant. She had seen some exciting things in her life and experienced life-threatening moments… This place wasn’t that much special.

But, regardless, Pao-Lin was going to try her best; her academic life was short-lived back home so this was the perfect chance to try the things she never got to do when she was younger. Must be diligent!
Perhaps she should start by introducing herself to more people. Ah, what do you know, she spots someone nearby, great! She wasn’t one to talk ( or think ), but the girl looked rather confused as to where she was. Maybe the blonde could offer some help. Besides, it was in her nature to help, of course.

"Hey there! Is everything okay, miss… ?"

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